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In 2009 when I found out that my daughter is autistic. My whole world has crashed down I thought that nothing was moving. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know where to seek help, what to do and who to go to. I felt easy talking to the people on face book, as they seem to understand me and not judge me.
My husband was telling me to not tell people about our daughter and that she is fine. He even said that I am a sick mother and he doesn’t want to talk with me.
I didn’t get any help from him, I didn’t know what to think about him but when I realised that he wasn’t helping I opened this group called SAA.

Aliyah,Fadumo, Caasho and fowsiya 

I have now been working with Aniisa and Yasmin and Fowsiya since last year they  Aniisa is mother of autism child, they she is proud of them. The reason why I joined this group is not because I have children but because I had the opportunity to help Aniisa around the house, and after seeing how she was dealing with her autistic daughter. her patients and how many love she was receiving back. I have decided to go with her when she was meeting parents. I have seen how different people can be and how looks can be deceiving, that is when I realised the big stigma in our culture and how our people needed us.

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